OllyDBG v2.01 beta 가 updated 4x 로 업데이트 되었습니다.

플러그인 인터페이스가 향상되었다는데... 한번 봐야겠네요.. ^^;;;


November 19, 2012 - update. OllyDbg, sample plugins, preliminary plugin API, test application

This is a major update of the plugin interface. Now plugins can actively influence the debugging process. They may set temporary breakpoints (Plugintempbreakpoint()) and receive notifications if breakpoint is hit (ODBG2_Plugintempbreakpoint()). If they receive exception notification, ODBG2_Pluginexception() may request to pause application or step over this exception. ODBG2_Pluginnotify() is extended and can force different mode of execution than requested by user.

If necessary, plugin may create one or several options pages in a new Plugins options dialog, which is very similar to the Options. Pluginshowoptions() directly opens plugin-related options page.

There is a new sample plugin, traceapi.dll, that demonstrates new features. It uses one-time memory breakpoints to detect all calls from the user code to the Windows API and protocols the arguments and values returned by APIs. Sample code does not include the Visual Studio project for traceapi. This is despairing - to compile a plugin, I must change several options, like unsigned characters, byte alignment, DLL, UNICODE, import libraries (btw it looks like my VS accepts only absolute paths for implibs!) etc. - TWICE! - once for debug and second time for release configuration. As .vcproj includes GUIDs, I can't simply rename it. Instead, I must recreate new project FROM THE SCRATCH! (yes, all capitals text is a net equivalent of shouting). There is something called "property sheets", but I have found no possibility to save existing options to the property sheet. So if you have a solution to this problem MS feature, please let me know.

Plugin documentation is still far away from finished but is strongly updated.

OllyDbg itself got several bugfixes and minor improvements.

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.


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