OllyDBG v2.01 이 9월 27일에 업데이트 되었네요~


September 27, 2013 - version 2.01. OllyDbgempty language filechicken language fileDisassembler 2.01 (GPL v3, preliminary version without documentation)

New version with many new features, among them:

  • Help on 77 pages. Please read it first - most of new features are described there
  • Multilanguage GUI (experimental, as yet no translation files - please do it by yourself)
  • Support for AVS instuctions (as yet no AVS2 and high 16 bytes of YMM registers are not displayed)
  • Call stack window (similar to the version 1.10)
  • Handles window (similar to the version 1.10)
  • SEH and VEH chains. To decode addresses of VEH handlers, OllyDbg hacks NTDLL.RtlAddVectoredExceptionHandler(), therefore process must be started from the OllyDbg
  • Multibyte character dumps
  • .udl image libraries, replace scan of object files from v1.10
  • Search for integers and floats in dump
  • Search for procedures (entry points)
  • Limited support for NTFS streams
  • Drive dump
  • Software breakpoints that use INT1, HLT, CLI, STI or INSB instead of INT3
  • Multiple watches in one line, support for repeat count
  • Dump of arrays of structures
  • Micro-analysers
  • Accelerated search
  • Assembling of immediate data statements (DB xx etc.)
  • Highlighting in run trace
  • Up to 2 ordinals per address
  • Limited support for Win95 via Microsoft Layer for UNICODE
  • More tricky code sequences
  • Show free memory, or was it the previous version?
  • Multiple bugfixes

Yes, you understand it correctly. OllyDbg graphic interface supports multiple languages. All you need is the corresponding language file. Currently there are none, but I expect that the volunteers will be able to make more or less complete translations.

Plugins compiled for OllyDbg 2.01 beta are 100% compatible with v2.01. PDK will be updated... soon...

Preliminary version of Disassembler 2.01 is almost ready. That is, the sources are more or less final but documentation and ready-to-use DLLs are still missing. I release Disasm 2.01 under GPL v3. Commercial licenses are also possible.


출처 : 올리디버거 사이트 (http://www.ollydbg.de)

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